Money saving tips for your dream wedding


The average cost of a wedding today is around £27,000, with average costs rising each year. Your wedding day will hopefully be one of the happiest days of your life, but the cost is hard to ignore. Therefore, consider some ways of reducing the overall costs with some money saving tips.

Ways of saving money

Choosing your day

Getting married on a weekend can cost considerably more than on a weekday as it is generally more popular. If there is a difference in price at your chosen venue, consider a midweek wedding.

Buying your dress

Buying a brand new dress is great, but likely the most expensive option. Buying a second hand dress, or even renting one, can save you hundreds of pounds. If you would rather buy new, look out for upcoming sales at retailers.

Jewellery options

Similar to choosing your dress, buying new jewellery can be a very pricey decision. Is it possible for you to borrow or rent your wedding day jewellery to save some money? Is there a cheaper option when purchasing your jewellery?

Hiring a photographer

Hiring a photographer can leave you with photo memories that will last a lifetime, but can set you back over £1,000. Perhaps hire your photographer for just the wedding ceremony instead of the whole day and save yourself some money. You can then take your own photos at the wedding reception.

Food options

Providing your guests with a full three-course meal can be very expensive depending on the number of guests. Consider providing a buffet to reduce the price, or maybe hire food trucks or separate food providers and ask guests to pay for their food.

The wedding cake

The wedding cake can cost around £300. If you know someone who can make cakes, consider asking them to make one for a lower price. Alternatively, you can shop around for the best deal, order a cake with less tiers or provide smaller cupcakes for each guest.

Ways of funding your wedding

Savings Pot

Firstly, you could start a savings account to reduce the short-term cost. When it comes to paying for your wedding, having some money already put aside will be a welcomed bonus.


Another consideration is seeing if you can pay for anything in instalments. Spreading the cost in separate payments can help you to manage the overall cost.

Personal Loan

If you need some additional help with funding your big day, you could consider a personal loan. If you think a Personal Loan might be right for you, Fixed Term loans are available for members looking to borrow between £500 to £25,000, with a range of  additional benefits to suit your needs. Use our loan calculator to see what you could borrow.

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